Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bassin Again!!

After a very long hiatus, thanks to a wonderful wedding and move, I have decided to pick up the rod again and head to what I believe to be the best public fishing lake in the tri state area. Upon entering the park, however, I did notice a few changes.First of all, it seems that the talks of renovating the ice skatind rink area has been put into action. The lake immediately surrounding th entrance has been cut off and pumped dry. What I would not have given to see the fish that were stuck in there. However, the rest of the lake seems to not have been effected. The general early early spring spots were working. I went to the mud hole in the back by the second bridge and fished the warming area where bait fish were jumping. The bass were hitting. This area alwasy produces on the first overcast after a warming trend in march, or at least it has been doing this for the last two years. I enjoyed it and here is the result. Enjoy! Read more!