Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Fishing Prospect Park

Although you may have been tempted to stay home, the warm weather should have bolstered your resolve to hunt down some early spring fish. I had a chance to visit Prospect Park on Saturday, March 5th around 12:00 pm. And I stayed for about an hour and a half. Even though I met disappointment at every bend in the park due to some ice, when I found open water I was rewarded with my first bass of the year. Read more for picture and story. Spring is here!!!! I have had success fishing in Prospect in January in the past as well as in February as well as in March. If there is no ice on the lake, it is possible to catch bass in the mud hole year round. But if the ice is on the lake, your challenge is to find open water that has some of the same characteristics as the mud hole, which is a shallow depth and a mud or rock bottom that warms up much faster than the rest of the lake. And it doesn't hurt if this area is like a bowl shape or bow that will collect bait fish that are sunning.Here were my options: a small open part between what looked to me like to glaciers, or a open part next to the boat house with shallow water and a mud bottom.
Which one do you think I chose? With a deep purple and green rattle trap I chose the one with a mud bottom. Now I will not say that this is where I caught the fish from, but I will say that I caught a couple of bass on this March day in Prospect Park while using these tackle and location strategies.
And this, among others, were gladly received as the result. I hope you all have the same luck.

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