Thursday, March 24, 2011

Late March Fishing in Prospect Park

If March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, then maybe March is still coming because the weather was rough on March 23rd. Now, I typically don't announce dates within my posts because I have thought that any day could be good based upon the conditions. But for the past couple of years the conditions on these days have been similar, wet and cold and overcasty, and the fishing has been excellent. Read further for the story. Coming towards the end of my work day I had a choice. Due to an engagement that I had later on in the evening, I had a plethora of options to choose from, catch an early movie, visit family or fish. I originally crossed out fishing from the list because the weather I encountered as I stepped outside my workplace which brought back memories of Fall blue fishing on the ocean with whipping rain, high winds and all sorts of nauseating smells. So I decided to go with the movies. On the way to the theater which is across the street from the Park, I decided to grab a slice of pizza. While scarfing down the triangular piece of heaven I opened my phone and started reviewing pictures that I had taken over the years. And I happened upon pics from March 23rd. I remembered the five nice sized bass I caught and the fun I had despite the freezing rain that was biting my face and the accumulation of ice on the eyes of my fishing rod. That day was overcast just like it was on this day. I had to try. I found the spot that I generally hit em. I followed the wind patterns to see where the bait would be pushed to and found a nice casting line across a cove that was protected from the wind.But there were no bites. I made several casts and realized my slacks were a bit too wet for comfort and decided that today wasn't the day.
I snapped a few sad looking shots and decided to walk out of the park. On the way out I noticed movement in the water. It wasn't fish; at least I don't think it was. It was tree buds or something that was falling into the water from above. So I decided to fish. It had all the elements of a good spot except that it was so public and that I've never seen anyone catch a bass there so early in the year. It was a novice spot, thought. I've even seen kids casting bobbers here. But there was a dried weed line, the wind was blowing right towards the line, there was a cove of still water near by and I was on my way out so I gave it a go. Three casts and nothing while using a white and purple rattle trap. On the fourth cast, the last cast, I saw the fish rushing the lure and the fish was on!!!!

I don't know where this one came from, but I was sure happy. Afterward, I made a few more casts with no bites, so I left. But next year, I know to brave the Lion for a chance at that March 23rd Large mouth bass in Prospect Park.

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