Friday, April 8, 2011

Fly Fishing Start

So really this sunny was not caught in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. It was caught in Weequahic Park, NJ, but I wanted to post it on my prospect park blog because I first got the notion to try fly-fishing by watching a fishing vet at prospect park. I mean this is how we all got our start right, by watching someone else.  He was really one of the few that I have ever seen bold enough to fly fish in an urban lake, and was nice enough to provide some info on the sport. As I was most of the times struggling and a few of the times catching sunnies in N.J, I got a question in NJ. The woman and her son came cautiously behind me and said, "excuse me sir, but is that fly-fishing" I replied that it was, and I saw the boy looked in amazement at the line laying on the ground. Who knows, maybe he'll be encouraged to pick up a fly-rod in the future. If he does, he'll have Mr. Henry to thank in Prospect Park for the encouragement as I do. I put a link to his great site on the right of the blog. It's called  NYC Great Lakes Fishing, give it a try. It really is a resource of great fly fishing information. 

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William Henry said...

when are going to fish for carp?
Bill Henry